Posted 5 months ago

Newest addition I picked up at the end of March, Mexican Golden Red Rump, Brachypelma albiceps. Also pictured is its enclosure, which is all a terrestrial tarantula like this one needs.

Posted 7 months ago

Juvenile New River Rust Rump (Aphonopelma sp. ‘New River’)

Posted 7 months ago

Toffee - Female Mexican Red Knee (Brachypelma smithi)

Posted 9 months ago

Testing my new camera, no more using my HTC One for pics.

Posted 11 months ago

IHS purchases and enclosure transfers! Been a long time since I made a real update so it is a bit of a big one.

I purchased a Sub-Adult Avicularia sp. ‘Kwitara’ (Giant Green Pink Toe), Grown on sling Poecilotheria subfusca ‘Highland’ (Ivory Ornamental) and juvenile Aphonopelma sp. ‘New River’ (New River Rust Rump). Been after the latter two for ages and the Kwitara was too pretty to pass up, especially as my tall nano exo-terra has been empty since forever.

I also took the opportunity to transfer Bloo (GBB) and Anansi (A. geniculata) to bigger enclosures since my Leopard Gecko is in its new 30x15x15” viv freeing up the 12x12x12” Exo for Bloo.

Posted 11 months ago


still needs some editing done, but this is salsa’s costume for halloween! she will be my charizard for the day and i will be a trainer. more pics when halloween comes!!

I can’t handle how awesome this is right now

Posted 12 months ago
How did you start keeping tarantulas?
simply-r asked

I used to be horrifically arachnophobic up until I started keeping tarantula. What happened was I ended up onthe strange part of youtube watching Rob C videos. I ended up educating myself to these animals and started to overcome my blind fear of them.

I purchased my first tarantula to help with this. One tarantula became two, then four up to the 30 or so I have now. Now I have a hobby I love which suits now my very busy work schedule.

Posted 1 year ago

So Majestic. So Regal. So Fluffy. Top Spider.

Posted 1 year ago

Fed Bloo, took pictures, was awesome

Posted 1 year ago

Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens - Greenbottle Blue - Bloo